Are You Ready To Discover YOUR Authentic Greatness?

Joy of Goals is a system designed to help you
Celebrate, Dream, Design, Connect and Visualize goals.

Karen S. Hoffman, Joy of Goals Founder and Dream Champion

A Goal Setting Workshop that allows you to dream BIG and shows you HOW to make those dreams come true!

  • Everything You Need To Create Your 101 Goals
  • A Clearly Defined System To Pinpoint Your Top 10 Goals For The Coming Year
  • Collaboration And Masterminding Around HOW You Will Make These Top 10 Goals A Reality
  • You Will Leave With A Clear Cut Action Plan
  • Continued Support with Monthly Take Action Calls and Events 

This Step-By-Step System Is Presented In A Workshop Format And Is Available To Individuals, Business And Organizations To Help Their Employees Dream, Set And Achieve Their Goals.

Joy of Goals & Dreams Facilitated Workshop


Saturday, January 29th, 2022 8:00 to 11:30 am

Saturday, February 5th from 8:00 am to 11:30 am


Event Co-Host

Karen S. Hoffman - Gateway to Dreams

Karen Hoffman

Event Co-Host

Michelle Perry


Keynote Speaker

Kathy Lambert - KBL Impact Partners

KAthy Lambert

This Step-By-Step System Is Presented In A Workshop Format And Is Available To Individuals, Small Business Owners And Large Corporations To Help Their Employees Set And Achieve Their Goals.

Saturday mornings: January 29th & February 5th, 2022

  • Celebrate your success!
  • Discover!
  • Dream!
  • Design!
  • Collaborate!
  • Do/Take Action!

What Makes the Joy of Goals Unique?

A program

A plan

A Community

 of ongoing support to make your dreams and goals a reality.

Joy of goals group


Mindset: Setting the stage to empower the year with Intention and Energy

Dream: Anything is possible – we take time to allow ourselves to really think about what we want, not just what we know is possible, but what could really rock our world.

Celebrate: We take time to reflect on the joy of past achievements in order to bring that energy of possibilities into our future dreams and goals

Design: How is this going to happen?  What does it look like? What is the strategy to get where we are going?

Connect: We provide time for brainstorming, collaboration, sharing and connecting with others. Maybe, just maybe, reaching your goals is simply making just one strategic connection.

Visualize: "Act as if" you have already achieved the goals. What does it look like and feel like when the goal is accomplished?  We spend time not just "thinking" about what we want but "visualizing" that we have already accomplished it.

Action: Your ticket to this Joy of Goals event will grant you access to an exclusive monthly meeting and Facebook Group, called The Joy of Goals in ACTION to celebrate your progress, hold you accountable and give you an online co-working space and time to literally, go take action throughout the year.

You can tell this workshop is going to help stop your struggle with overwhelm, procrastination, distraction and lack of focus for not taking action and will provide you with everything you need to make this the year YOU really realize your GREATNESS. 

Come join us!!!!

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Our Vision: By Inspiring Dreams into Action We are the Model to Positively Change the World.

Our Mission: At Gateway to Dreams, our mission is to inspire action and give voice and clarity to the dreams of individuals creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the social and economic well being of our community.