From Founder Karen Hoffman

The Beginning?

Hmmm.  When DID the Joy of Goals program actually start?

Did it start when I was in 6th grade sitting in my Aunt Glenda’s living room making a list of 100 plus things I wanted to do, have or be when I grew up?

Or was it in 1998 when I started a yearly “goal” program for my employees? I was not sure how to help motivate them to go for their goals and dreams and thought a workshop might help.  What a joy it was coming across a former employee’s goal list in 2009 and to see her (buying a home!) and after sending a copy of her list to her, finding out almost all the items on her list had been reached. She was amazed and this realization inspired her to create a new list of goals.

Or was it in 2001 when Aprille Trupiano and Julie Ranostaj helped me put together materials for a goal workshop for my Master Mind group (The Mighty Manifestors)? At that time our Master Mind group consisted of Jackie Cook, Mary Kay Sheets, Linda Binns, Connie Mitchell and Karen Garcia and myself.

This goal setting process, later named the Joy of Goals, became a yearly event for my Mastermind group which over time included Rebecca Rengo, Julie Hood, Marie Rodgers O’Rourke and Karen Conant.

The Launch?

Or was it in 2002, when Julie Hood got the vision I really wanted? A goal setting process we both wanted for our OWN lives. Goal setting in a fun yet organized environment. A way to dream, design and make things happen.

That was where collaboration was ignited in an even bigger way. Julie Hood helped me with Joy of Goals for a few years, sharing her ideas, gifts and talents and helping to take my ideas and make my dream for Joy of Goals even better. Add to this the wonderful talents of Terrie Dehn of The Design Studio with Julie Hood’s guidance and the logo for Joy of Goals was born. Fun. Alive. Vibrant.

Back in the “old days” we used a three ring binder and it was full of worksheets and tools to help facilitate goal setting and goal planning, making sure that passion and those we loved were included in the process of setting our goals.

At this time, I had also started offering Joy of Goals to my facilitated Mastermind/peer advisory group “Your Collaborative Board” where Marie Cuccia Brand, Susan Snyder, Angela Lieb and many others shared in the Joy of Goal process.

Then in 2007, ESPW-Encouraging, Supporting, Promoting Women invited Julie Hood and me to present Joy of Goals to their members at a full day workshop at the Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis as a special anniversary event.

With Sabrina Underwood as our main support we hosted our largest group to date.  Magic occurred as attendees dreamed, designed and brainstormed ways to reach their goals.  As part of the process women started sharing goals and the room became even more alive with the synergy and energy of help, hopefulness. Resources and connections were shared. Encouragement was given. Dreams were birthed and nurtured.

I was also invited by Laura Schacht, a facilitator for Women’s President Organization (WPO) to give a mini Joy of Goals workshop with WPO members as well. What fun!

In 2008 Angela Lieb helped with the Joy of Goals, though Julie Hood and I gave that workshop to women at the Lodge of des Peres. Again, the magic of collaboration occurred as people dreamed and designed their goals. Two other smaller workshops were hosted, one on-line.

Then WPO invited me back again, to facilitate a mini-Joy of Goals workshop and the Home Builders Association also requested a mini Joy of Goals workshop. There were other’s that requested “mini” Joy of Goals workshops as well.

Then in 2009 Angela Lieb and I presented the Joy of Goals at a full day workshop at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis. We  were taking it to an even higher level through the mentoring provided by Erin Joy and with an incredible team to support Joy of Goals. National speaker/trainer Pam Royle was the emcee for the day. The team included Kelly Alcorn, Judy Ryan, Susan Kallash Bailey, Karen Garcia, Cathy Sexton and Cheri Hanstein. That was another incredible day.

In the fall of 2009, the planning for the 2010 the Joy of Goals workshop took on an even bigger life. International speaker Lethia Owens came on board to emcee and co-facilitate the workshop with me. I enlisted several facilitators to the program to provide even great value. Patty Cook, Aprille Trupiano, Erin Murphy, Cathy Sexton and Kelly Alcorn brought their passions and expertise to the Joy of Goals workshop at St. John’s Mercy. That year ended on a high note when the Soul Esteem Center hosted the Joy of Goals seminar series.

In 2010 the three ring binders gave way to a professional spiral bound “Tool-Kit Handbook,” new packaging that was facilitated by Cynthia Correll. The new Joy of Goals cover was designed by Cathy Davis.

We also created a monthly Joy of Goal tele-seminar program to help keep the momentum going and to keep people in the Joy of Goal zone. In addition Joy of Goals hosted two gatherings for those that had attended the Joy of Goals workshop, one at J Buck’s in Clayton and one at Spazio’s in Westport to keep the collaboration and connections alive.

In 2011 we made a decision to take Joy of Goals even bigger and are in the process of establishing the Joy of Goals Institute. What fun! To help take Joy of Goals to more places, more people! We even have a non-profit, Connections to Success, using the process for all of 2011 for one of their groups of clients.

At our public workshop at Spazio’s in Westport, we continured our model of collaboration.  Patty Cook, Lethia Owens and Kelly Alcorn were back to help us put on a great event and we added to our presentation team, Carmen Gagnon as our emcee, and Maureen Wielansky as my co-host for the day.

As table facilitators/coaches, we had Toni McMurphy, Sharon Reus, Patty Cook, Barbara Luther, Aprille Trupiano, Danele Brown and Rebecca Olson. As our event consultant we had Suzi Tozer.

I had fun updating our Joy of Goals workbook with my daughter, Mitzi Hoffman, a graphic designer who loves to turn things around quickly.

Where Are We Today?

For Joy of Goals 2012 I had a brainstorm that filled my heart! I decided I wanted to combine my passion for the Joy of Goals with my passion for two non profits that dear friends started, Connections to Success and The Blessing Basket. So this year we will have a display table for both non profits at the Saturday workshop and we will have a snack from Sweet Success, the cookie division at Connections to Success. Then I decided lunch would be even more inspiring with Theresa Wilson sharing the story of The Blessing Basket over lunch. Cool stuff!  Check them out at www.ConnectionstoSuccess.com and www.BlessingBasket.org.

The full day Joy of Goals workshop was held at Spazio’s in the Westport area Saturday, January 21st, 2012.

We are also hosted a ½ day workshop for the Webster Chamber of Commerce on Friday, January 27th at the Edge.  Thank you Rebecca  Olson, for arranging this event.

Angela Lieb was my co-host both events with me. Bobette Kyle helped with the website, Naomi Francis was our event coordinator. What fun!

For Joy of Goals 2013 Thanks to Bill Prenatt we moved our workshop to Meadowbrook Country Club. A beautiful venue with plenty of windows! Our lunchtime non profit speaker was Kathy Lambert with Connections to Success. Again, Angela Lieb co facilitated. Bobette Kyle helped with our website. Naomi Francis AGAIN helped as our event planner. We videotaped most of the workshop thanks to Rex Bauer. We also hosted a second workshop in February again hosted through Rebecca Now and the Webster Chamber of Commerce.

For Joy of Goals 2014 Again, thanks to Bill Prenatt we held workshop at the Meadowbrook Country Club. I shared the Gateway to Dreams story over lunch as our nonprofit story. Again, Angela Lieb co-facilitated. LOVE working with Angela! Bobette Kyle AGAIN helped with our website. Naomi Francis AGAIN helped as our event planner. Rebecca Now and the Webster Chamber once more hosted our SECOND Joy of Goals workshop for 2014.

For Joy of Goals 2015 Will AGAIN be held at the Meadowbrook Country Club because of Bill Prenatt. And, my dear friend, extraordinary mountain climbing friend, Angela Lieb will co facilitate with me. Once more, Bobette Kyle is helping with our website. Unfortunately, Naomi Francis has moved for her husbands job at the Penregon so we will miss her event assistance.

I also want to offer my most heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with the birthing of the Joy of Goals program… from every attendee that has offered feedback and anyone and everyone that touched or played a role in growing Joy of Goals.

I believe that the progression and growth of the Joy of Goals is much like a reflection of my life. When I try to do it all myself, I remain small. The more I “play” with awesome and talented people with gifts I do not have and we collaborate, the bigger the Joy of Goals project can grow, the more we can promote others and most importantly, the more people we can help.

This “journey” with Joy of Goals has helped create the nonprofit Gateway to Dreams. Playing with others can change your life…

As a professional “dream champion” I have seen repeatedly, that when you KNOW your dreams, and when you SHARE your dreams, people will help you REACH your dreams.

I hope YOU enjoy the “Joy of Goals” process and that we help you reach YOUR dreams.

Karen S. Hoffman-Dream Champion
Founder, Gateway to Dreams 2014 www.GatewayToDreams.org

October 2014